About Us

The Mill Creek Watershed Association was formed in 2009 by a collaboration of organizations with a common goal. MCWA was rejuvinated in 2013 by the Cumberland River Compact with the support of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry. Our common goal is to provide education and support for improving and protecting the beautifully unique Mill Creek Watershed.

The problems and concerns in the Mill Creek Watershed are complex and vast. It is only when we come together can we create an open process to make worthwhile change that is viable to our community and natural resources.  

The Cumberland River Compact is sponsors meetings every other month to bring all interested stakeholders together to reach a realistic approach to ensure a brighter future for the Mill Creek Watershed.

Attend these meetings to learn and provide perspective on current conditions, recommendations for improvements, and plan activities to address the current concerns and needs in the Watershed.  


Cumberland River Compact organizes meetings every other month and volunteer projects to bring together all interested stakeholders, as part of the mission to fulfill education and cooperation within the Cumberland River Basin.

Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry provides funding and support for the Mill Creek Watershed Association. 

Metro Water Services is participating in this initiative by providing water quality monitoring and analytical expertise, promoting public education, and developing the framework for a watershed management plan to enhance the Mill Creek Watershed Association efforts. 

Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is developing a conservation and educational program around protecting the Mill creek watershed and the Nashville crayfish through collaborative initiatives with governmental agencies and other NGO's. Some of the projects include educational onsite programs and exhibits about the Nashville crayfish and pollution prevention outreach to residents. In addition, Zoo staff will be collaborating on a captive/field research project with the Nashville crayfish.

Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association is dedicated to the preservation of free flowing streams, promotion of paddling skills and river safety. Mill Creek has the potential to be an urban jewel for Davidson and Williamson counties. We would like to see it's recreational qualities enhanced by improving the water quality and reducing  litter.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency provides information to schools and the public about fish and wildlife that inhabit the watershed.  TWRA biologists are monitoring species and helping design projects to restore aquatic habitat. 

US Army Corps of Engineers is currently working with Metropolitan Nashville/Davidson County to reduce flood damages in the Mill Creek watershed and provide ecosystem restoration measures (such as rain gardens, bank stabilization, and riparian plantings) at several Metro Parks along Mill Creek and its tributaries.

US Fish and Wildlife Service participates as a partner in furtherance of its mission to conserve, protect, and enhance fish, wildlife, and plants, and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people.