Then and Now

A Place for YOU to Share

This page is a collection of history, stories, memories, pictures, and art related to the Mill Creek Watershed. We are only beginning to build this part of the website, and we need your help to get it going. This is a place for you to share your thoughts and experiences with other members of the community.

Maybe you grew up playing around Mill Creek and can share stories of how it has changed, or tell us about your hopes for its future. Maybe you are a poet, photographer, painter, or musician who has found inspiration in the creeks, streams, and rivers of your neighborhood. We invite you to share these works here too. If you're a local historian, we'd like to include any interesting facts that you can provide. You don't have to be a long-time resident to contribute. Share a story about something that took place last month, or tell us about ways that special places in your new neighborhood remind you of places you've lived before. Here's how you can share:

Submit Your Story, Photos and Artwork
If you would like to send us a written story or submit photos please send to our mailing address or to

Audio recording or video recording
If you would like to share your thoughts in audio or video format,  schedule a time for a representative of the Mill Creek Watershed Association to meet you with equipment to record your story.  You can also share music through audio recording.